Hepatitis B Diagnostics, "Alkor Bio"

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Hepatitis B Virus infections are a serious health problem in the world. In high endemic areas the main route of infection is mother-to-child transmission while sexual transmission and blood transfusion are more frequent in low endemic parts of the world.


 Hepatitis Diagnostics, "Alkor Bio"

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Hepatitis C Diagnostics, Radim, Italy      

         HCV Ab

HCV is a major cause of acute hepatitis and chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis and liver cancer. Globally, an estimated 170 million persons are chronically infected with HCV and 3 to 4 million persons are newly infected each year. HCV is spread primarily by direct contact with human blood. The major causes of HCV infection worldwide are use of unscreened blood transfusions, and re-use of needles and syringes that have not been adequately sterilized.


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