100-01 SteroidEIA-cortisol

Cortisol is a steroid hormone with a molecular weight of 362 Da. The quantitative determination of serum cortisol is a valuable tool for evaluation of functional status of “hypothalamus – pituitary gland – adrenal cortex” system. Determination of cortisol concentration is especially significant in Addison and Cushing disease diagnostics.

SteroidEIA-cortisol kit is intended for the quantitative determination of cortisol  in human serum.


Characteristics of kits:

 Kit volume, tests (including controls) 96
 Analitical sensitivity, nmol/L 10
 Precision:Intra Assay Variation,  % 8
 Range of evaluated concentrations, nmol/L 0-2000  
 Range of normal concentrations of cortisol for healthy people,nmol/L                       150-660
 Incubation time, minutes 60
 Incubation temperature, ° 37
 Sample volume, μl 50
 Expiry date, month                                                                               12
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