100-31 SteroidEIA-17-OH-progesterone

The steroid hormone 17-OH-progesterone (17-OHP) is produced in the adrenal cortex and in the gonads.The measurement of 17 OHP in serum can be used to monitor the activity of 21-hydroxylase in the adrenal cortex.  Deficiencies in 21-hydroxylase, most commonly found in congenital adrenal hyperplasia, result in excessive secretion of 17-OHP and consequently in elevated blood levels. Deficiencies in 11-hydroxylase, however, merely lead to moderately increased values of 17-OHP. The analysis of this steroid hormone, therefore, plays a significant role in the differential diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

In adult non-pregnant women, 17-OHP levels in the blood depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Like progesterone, 17-OHP is secreted by the mature follicle and the corpus luteum. Concentrations aregenerally higher after ovulation.In addition, levels of 17-OHP are influenced by daytime rhythms which correlate with the adrenal secretion of cortisol. Maximal levels are found in samples collected between midnight and 8.00 a.m. In adult men, there are few indications of similar fluctuations of 17-OHP levels. During pregnancy, large amounts of 17-OHP are produced by the foetus, the placenta and the adrenalcortex.

SteroidEIA-17-OH-progesterone kit is intended for the quantitative determination of 17-OH-progesterone in human serum and plasma.


Characteristics of kit:

 Kit volume, tests (including controls) 96
 Analitical sensitivity, nmol/L 0,3
 Precision:Intra Assay Variation,  % 8
 Range of evaluated concentrations, nmol/L 0-60
Range of normal concentrations of 17-OHP  for healthy people, nmol/L

 Females follicular phase:

 Females luteal phase:





 Incubation time, minutes 30
 Incubation temperature, ° 37
 Sample volume, μl 50
 Expiry date, month                                                                               12
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