200-15 HCV Ab

HCV antibody revealing is the basic marker of HCV contamination. Enzyme immunosorbent assays can detect more than 95% of chronically infected patients but can detect only 50% to 70% of acute infections. Therefore for the HCV positive results it is necessary to use additional confirming diagnostic researches.

The “Hepatitis HCV Ab” kit is designed for definition of HCV antibodies in human serum or plasma by enzyme immunoassay method – ELISA (Sandwich assay).


Main caracteristics:

Kit volume, tests (including controls) 192
Sensitivity, % 100 
Specificity, % 99.5 
Incubation time, minutes 45 + 45
Incubation temperature, ° 37
Sample volume, μl 10
Expiry date (Shelf-life), month 12


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