SP-02 Prenatal Risk Assessment Software Isida


The «Isida»program complex is intended for the effectiveness increase of risk assessments in maternal screening forfetal anomalies. «Isida»software allows to calculate risk of Down’s syndrome, Edwards’s syndrome, neural tubedefects, and fetal growth retardation. Three variants of screening protocols are possible: only for the 1st pregnancytrimester, for the 2nd pregnancy trimester, and also by results of both trimesters estimation.


«Isida» supports several types of screening protocols:

  • 1st trimester double test (PAPP-A, free β-hCG) in combination with nuchal translucency (NT);
  • 2nd trimester quadruple test (AFP, hCG, uE3, Inhibin-A)
  • complex risk definition by combined date of both trimestersestimation.


The software maintains PAPP-A, free β –hCG , AFP and hCG medians received with the use of  “Alkor Bio” kits and uE3 medians - «DRG International Inc». It is possible for your own laboratory to carry out calculation of biochemical markers regional medians.

Protocols of risk assessments support not only biochemical and ultrasound markers data but also woman’s age, her weight, type 1 diabetes mellitus incidence. For the first time chromosomal abnormalities during previous pregnancy and woman’s ethnicity are consider wile risk calculation.

The group data input realized in «Isida» software facilitates the user̒s work minimizes time of processing results, reduces errors probability.

«Isida» software saves the individual information about patients in data base, supports editings.

Patients can be described by entering demographics, ultrasound and biochemical results.

It makes possible to draw up and print out different report variants including individual results prenatal screening. Also it allows to summarize done work for the definite period of time.

«Isida» software is comparable with software of automatic EIA-analyzer «Alisei, Q.S.». Results got by «Alisei» analyzer transfer to «Isida» and then assessed in automatic manner.

Such an approach to prenatal screening minimizes routinelaboratory work, allows to exclude a numerous numberof errors during manual data input, leads to reliability increaseof the received results, is convenient at work with aconsiderable patients number.

Time-saving «Isida» is a prenatal risk assessment software, helps to increases the number of specific diagnostic tests and to understand deeply their relationships having improved the effectiveness of risk assessment for maternal screening. «Isida» calculate complex risk of chromosomal diseases and fetal growth abnormalities, support ‘s databases, form and print reports.

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