200-18 ToxoEIA-IgG

Quantitative detection of specific IgG level allows to conduct monitoring of specific antibodies for toxoplasma. IgG increase indicates acute phase of disease and also allows to estimate dynamics of process of recover indirectly. The “ToxoEIA-IgG” kit is designed for revealing and quantitative definition of class G antibodies for Toxoplasma gondii in human serum or plasma by enzyme immunoassay method - ELISA (Sandwich assay).


Main caracteristics:

Kit volume, tests (including controls) 96
Analitical sensitivity, IU/ml 1,3
Sensitivity, % 97
Specificity, % 98
Range of evaluated concentrations, IU/ml 0 - 100
Incubation time, minutes   45+30
Incubation temperature, 37
Sample volume, ml 10
Expiry date (Shelf-life), month 12
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