Automatic Analyzer Alisei Q.S.


«Alisei Q.S.» is a high-speed completely automatic open system which allows performing various immunoassays in 96-well format produced by SEAC Group (Italy). 

This successful model of the EIA-automatic analyzer is available for laboratories with both large assay streams and mid-level ones.




The basic characteristics:

• llows making large-scale screening as well as single assays.

• The total testing capacity is 540 samples running on 6 microplates.

• 12 kinds of tests on line at once.

• Combines up to 4 kinds of assays on one microplate.

• Handles assay results.

• Support of laboratory informational system.


Main blocks.


1.Sample and Reagent Loading Group


  • 2 rotating serum plates than can hold diff erent primary tubes. Maximum capacity: 380 tubes in line, are possible use of samples in primary test tubes.
  • Movable, flexible and cooled reagent holder, consisting of 2 rotating plates for reagents (simultaneous loading up to 12 sets of reagents).
  • Cooling of the reagents support makes the instrument     always ready for the user, by reducing preliminary manual operations to a minimum.



2. Block of Dispensing and Dilution 


  • The dispensing system includes two independent needles, which are able to aspirate from two adjacent samples, or else, from the same reagent, to be dispensed into two separate wells at once.
  • Two dilutors one for each needle, with two syringes.
  • Speed of serums entering is 700 samples in hour.
  • Speed of reagents entering is 1500 wells in hour.




3. Incubation and Mixing Block


  • The Rotating table is designed for study from 1 to 6 microplates.
  • Carries out up to 12 kinds of assays at the same time.
  • Independent temperature (RT or 30-40°) and shaking modes for each microplate.
  • Incubation and can be set by program.






4. Washing System


  • 8-channal washer.
  • Up to 4 different washing solutions.
  • Washing both of «U»and fl at bottomed microwells.
  • Software-mediated.




5. Reading Station


  • 8 channel optical fiber photometer.
  • Holding up to 8 interferential filters.
  • Measurements can be carried out with single, double or multiple wavelengths.
  • Reading range: 0-3 OD in bichromatism; 0-9 OD in polychromatism.



6. Bar-code Reader


  • For easy identifi cation of samples and reagents.
  • Prevents possible user’s errors.




7. Software

The program is made of different modules which allow the user:

  • to insert and modify tests and their features;
  • to insert the work-list along with all relevant patient data;
  • to monitor the entire test-run;
  • to display and manage the final results;
  • to personalize and print the patient report.

The software also includes a Service module for  checking instrument mechanical functioning.



«Alisei Q.S.» is exclusive distributed by «Alkor Bio» company.

After-sales service is provided by «Alkor Bio» service office, based in St.-Petersburg.

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