Monoclonal antibodies production

06 March 2019

ALKOR BIO company would like to offer different services for production of monoclonal antibodies (Mabs):

-          immunization of mice (30-60 days)

-          immune cells/myeloma cells fusion (30 days)

-          selection and screening of Mabs (30 days)

-          generation of ascitic fluids (30 days)

-          antibody purification by affinity chromatography (10 days)

-          characterization of Mabs by ELISA (10 days)


Additional services:

-          conjugation of immunogen with carrier protein

-          conjugation of Mabs with biotin and HRP

-          production of affinity carriers

-          generation of antibody Fab fragments

-          hybridomas generation and storage

All requests are discussed and priced individually depending on complexity of work.

To produce Mabs we need 3-5 mg of antigen.

At the end of project you will reseive:

-          hybridoma cells (frozen stock or cell culture)

-          purified Mabs

-          all relevant protocols and data regarding Mabs characteristics

For more detailed information contact with us

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