Diagnostic kit
06 May 2011
This diagnostic system, which is used for detection genetic thrombosis predisposition and inherited trombophilia, got the registration certificate.
11 April 2011
From April 19 through 21, 2010 biotechnological company Alkor Bio producing reagents for laboratory diagnostics participate in international exhibition and conference Medical Laboratory, Kiev. Conference is going be devoted to the development tends of Ukraine laboratory diagnostics and to the laboratory tests standardization and quality control.
Alkor Bio fortifies its position in Kazakhstan
15 March 2011
Alkor Bio Company which produces reagents for different kinds of laboratorial diagnostics fortifies its position in Kazakhstan. From 28 of February to 3 of May few members of Alkor Bio travelled throughout Kazakhstans cities: Karagandy, Atyrau, Astana, in order to present their modern investigations for local laboratories.
Diagnostic kit
15 March 2011
This unique diagnostic system, which is used for detection genetic osteoporosis predisposition and different bone diseases, got the registration certificate.
Unique kit HerpesEIA-1 IgG produced by Alkor Bio!
14 January 2011
HerpesEIA-1 IgG is the first Russian kit for quantitative definition specific IgE to VPG-1!
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