Diagnostic kit
15 March 2011
This unique diagnostic system, which is used for detection genetic osteoporosis predisposition and different bone diseases, got the registration certificate.
Unique kit HerpesEIA-1 IgG produced by Alkor Bio!
14 January 2011
HerpesEIA-1 IgG is the first Russian kit for quantitative definition specific IgE to VPG-1!
The kit IFA-ferritin liquid standards and reference serum in it!
11 January 2011
At present in the cast of the kit is used liquid standards and reference serum!
Certificate ISO 13485:2003!
11 January 2011
Alkor Bio company received the certificate ISO 13485:2003!
New kit GonadotropinIFA-free beta HGCH already on sale!
28 December 2010
Alkor Bio company offers a new kit of reagents for quantitative definition of free beta subunit HGCH in human serum and plasma.
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