500-05 PolyCM-onko

In confirmation of the diagnosis and administration of medical measures, it is necessary, that each laboratory research was as much as possible authentic. Each laboratory by means of system of measures of maintenance of quality solves problems on revealing and prevention of inadmissible errors, achievement of stability of analytical system.

The kit of control materials «PolyCM-onco»is intended for quality assurance of laboratory researches of quantitativedefinition of tumor markers and other substancesdefined with the help immunoanalitical methods.

The kit is intended for determination of 11 analytes

Total PSA                                   125                                       AFP

Free PSA                                    15-3                                      hCG

Ferritin                                         19-9                                      TG

Prolaktin                                                                                Cyfra-21-1


The basic characteristics of the kit:

  • 2 levels of control materials.
  • To bottles of each level there corresponds certain colour of a cap.
  • The human origin Matrix .
  • Lyophilizated form.
  • Shelf-life of the kit: 2 years at temperature +2 … +8˚.
  • Possibility of choosing:

500-05 - "PolyCM-Onco" complete set 1: a set of two levels for 1 bottle of each:
Level 1 - contains a concentration of the analyte including in the range of analyte's concentrations in serum of a conditionally healthy patient;
Level 2 - contains a concentration of the analyte over the normal concentration of analyte in the serum of a conditionally healthy patient.
500-02 - "PolyCM-Onco" complete set 2: a set of two bottles of level 1;
500-03 - "PolyCM-Onco" 
complete set 3: a set of two bottles of level 2.

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