Prenatal screening


GonadotropinEIA-free β-hCG   



Prenatal Risk Assessment Software «Isida»


The purpose of prenatal screening is inspection of pregnant women for estimation of health’s state of fetus about absence of congenital defects. They are Down’s syndrome (trisomy in 21 steam of chromosomes), Edwards’s syndrome (trisomy in 18 steam of chromosomes) and Neural Tube Defects.

The basic methods of prenatal diagnostics are Ultrasonic scanning and biochemical analysis for some seromarkers.

Whereby number of biochemical indicators for different pregnancy terms will be various.

-(Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein of A) and β-free subunit of chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (hCG) are used in the fi rst pregnancy trimester. Free estriol (unconjugated), α-fetoprotein (AFP) and general hCG or β-free subunit of hCG are used in the second pregnancy trimester.

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