SP-03 Program EIA-Master


This modern and convenient program for experiment’s results processing was received with use of ELISA method.

Mathematical data processing EIA methods play not less important role, than quality of analysis carrying out. Mainly result’s reliability depends on the robustness of calibration curve calculation method. Incorrect data processing method can lead both to false rejection of entire analysis because of erroneous evaluation of control serum concentration, and to incorrect diagnostics on the basis of erroneous calculation of analyte concentrations which lie near guideline’s points.

Empirical estimation of standard curves (piecewise linear or cubic spline) are realised in the majority ELISA-analysers, but can be used only under high measurements precision condition sand demand the rigorous control.Consider ablevariability of results is found out by comparison different empirical methods. At any range over/under statement of detectable concentrations can be probably observed.Accordingly there is an opportunity to consider given curve estimation methods questionable.

Four and five parameter logistic (4PL / 5PL) equations show the closest matching for EIA signal-concentration dependences.The results assisted by these methods of curve calculation,are characterized by the least variability and high reproducibility. Now models «4PL» and «5PL» are considered optimum for both competitive and «sandwich» ELISA variant. These every curve calculation methods are realized in the program «EIA-Master»


Key program benefits:

  • graphic interface;
  • simple information input;
  • operations with the data received on any ELISA-equipment;
  • possibility to transfer automatically to the program data from photometer Multiskan EX and Multiskan RC with the subsequent calculations;
  • import experimental results from the files program Genesis;
  • curve calculation a with use 4 and 5 parametrical logistical models, construction of evident schedules;
  • calculation of samples concentration and statistical value;
  • printable results;
  • saving calculation results.


Calibration curve calculated by «EIA-Master» programme

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