200-09 Cytomegalovirus IgG-avidity

Fetal damage is now thought to be mainly due to primary infection, rather than to a re-infection. CMV is also an important cause of complications in organ transplantation, particularly in kidney transplantation. Again in these cases, primary infection is more harmful than a re-infection.

The diagnosis of recently acquired primary infection by means of specific IgM antibodies can be difficult, due to the IgM presence even in recurring infections. In addition, circulating IgM antibodies may persist for a lot of months and even for two years in immunodepressed subjects. Measuring the avidity of specific IgG was demonstrated to be particularly useful in identifying primary infection. As a matter of fact, the initial IgG antibody response to infection is characterized by antibodies with low avidity, in which binding to the specific antigen sites is easily dissociated.

The “Cytomegalovirus IgG-avidity” kit is designed for qualitative and semiquantitative of IgG antibodies avidity for Cytomegalovirus in human serum or plasma by enzyme immunoassay method - ELISA (Sandwich assay).


Main caracteristics:

Kit volume, tests (including controls) 48
Sensitivity, % 93,9
Specificity, % 97,4
Incubation time, minutes 60+30+30
Incubation temperature, ° 37
Sample volume, μl 10
Expiry date (Shelf-life), month 12


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