300-19 AllergoEIA-total IgE

Normally IgE concentration in serum is very low.

It increases gradually from birth to teen-age. In adults normal concentration of IgE may reach 100 IU/ml. In elderly people IgE level sometimes decreases.

IgE production is essential in anti-helminthic immunity. 15-20-fold increase in IgE concen­tration (up to 1500 – 2000 IU/ml) is observed in the case of ascariasis.

But in industrialized countries detection of high IgE concentrations is mainly connected with allergic diseases. Quantitative determination of total IgE has a great prognostic value. In 75% of children born from parents with allergic diseases serum IgE concentration is >95% from superior limit of normal range for corresponding age group.

Detection of high IgE concentrations in serum by enzyme immunoassay is an important tool for differentiation between allergic diseases and other pathologies with similar clinical manifestations (such as asthma, frequent respiratory diseases, chronic rhinites and dermatites).


Characteristics of the kit:

 Tests number (including calibrators and control serum)  96
 Analytical Sensitivity, IU/mL 2,3
 Precision: Intra Assay Variation, %         8
 Assay  Dynamic Range, IU/mL 0...500
 Incubation time, min 90
 Incubation temperature, ° 37
 Sample volume, mkl 20
 Expiry date, month 12













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